May 18, 2011

Review: Wicked

Title: Wicked
Author: Sara Shepard
Series: Pretty Little Liars #5
Publisher: HarperTeen
Published: November 25th 2008

In idyllic Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four very pretty girls just can't help but be bad. . . .
Hanna will do anything to be Rosewood's queen bee. Spencer's digging up her family's secrets. Emily can't stop thinking about her new boyfriend. And Aria approves a little too strongly of her mom's taste in men.
Now that Ali's killer is finally behind bars, the girls think they're safe. But those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. And they should know by now that I'm always watching. . . 

-  A

I'm not going to say this book was Wicked because it was AMAZING, but A was certainly Wicked in this one. For those of you who read the last 4 books you know that there's a new A in town and that she's more evil then the last one. This book I think was written better then the last 4. I don't know if it was the story or what but it was more intriguing and the plot line was getting better leaving hints for what I knew what would become important in the next couple of books.

Sara Shepard took off great in this sequel series and I was SO excited to read the next on because of the awesome cliff hangers!

Overall I rated the 5th Pretty Little Liars 4 STARS!
More reviews soon!
- Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer

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