April 16, 2011

Review: The Lit Report

Title: The Lit Report
Author: Sarah N. Harvey
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Published: 2008

One great thing about Ruth is that she has a moth-flame relationship with catastrophe... Another great thing is that she's really creative, and I'm really pragmatic, so between the two of us we can usually figure something. I started with the facts. Ruth was pregnant.

Wow! I didn't imagine myself falling in love with Julia's story as much as I did. It started like this, Julia is that girl who's in love with books, has a best friend who hangs orange thongs on her wall, and is also christian. I know what your thinking... How could these three things actually be made into a story?! One sentence. 17 year old girl becomes pregnant who let me remind you is christian. The story ends up being about Julia and her best friend Ruth who's accidentally become pregnant, and how they cope with it without telling Ruth's parents.

Some of my favourite things about this book was how well everything clicked in place and by the end how the book had such a thrilling conclusion. I really liked orderly Julia, and swearing, pregnant Ruth who ended up becoming my favourite character. I also liked how as Julia tried to cope with Ruth's pregnancy, she was also balancing her step mother's baby, while getting tips about how to deliver Ruth's.

One thing I didn't enjoy though was how at the beginning of each chapter Julia talked about the quotes that were put at the beginning of the chapter for at least 3 pages. First of all she completely strayed away from the story at hand, and second of all the quotes had NOTHING to do with the story at all! It irritated me how the author just added those extra paragraphs for what seemed to be a higher word count!

Still this surprise hit made me want to know more about the author and I'm sure I'm going to be checking out some of her books soon! Overall I rate The Lit Report 3.5 STARS

- Jocelyn AKA Crazy Writer

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